Virgins Getting Fucked for the First Time

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Quite some time ago I read about this girl who sold her virginity online to the highest bidder. I can’t remember how much the winning bid was but I’m certain it that it didn’t beat my astonishment at what she was doing or that guys actually bid on it. I realised then just how naive I was at that time and that there are simply no limits to the shit people will get up to.

It sold for millions for dollars by the way, not some street corner ho tariff.

So I decided to check if there are actually girls who have had the taking of their virginity filmed and sold it online as porn and I failed at that search as I was inundated by results of porn sites that claim thousands of such scenes. It’s all bullshit of course but so is more than 99% of all reality porn. I just never realised there is a fetish for this.

So, I decided to pile all theĀ virgin pussy together in a single link for the curious and the fetishists out there.