Glamporn Maxed

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Oh my gawd this women blows my everything. She’s this incredible in this pic and I think her biggest asset is her smile, she has an amazing smile.

Her name is Allie Haze as you can read for yourself in the watermark if you didn’t recognise her and she is a 31 year old American hailing from Redlands, Montana. At 5’7″ and 125lbs with 32A-26-38 measurements she is pretty much perfect unless you are one of those people who do big tits only.

All of the pornstars at Open Life is off the charts though. Honestly, I can’t sit here and tell you that they revolutionise porn or do anything absolutely extraordinary but what they do they do exceptionally well.

And that is that they combine glamour and porn into a single package which nets an end result that is something women would find more appealing than the general wham bam thank you mam rough stuff while at the same time it maintains it’s appeal to the men who like to get right down to the nasty bits.

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